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Ramadhan Programme


It has been almost a year since the closure of Al-Ikhlas Centre previously at the rented unit off To Rakau Drive. Without an Imam to lead prayers and not being able to hire a venue we are not having any Al-Ikhlas Trust specific programme run for this coming Ramadhan. (read more)


Due to the closure of Al-Ikhlas Centre end of July 2012 we will not have any programme run for this coming Ramadhan. The trust board explored options for hiring a hall for Ramadhan but we couldn't go ahead with that because we don't have an Imam available to lead prayers this year.


When will Ramadhan begin?

As per news item related to the beginning of Ramadhan 2011, Monday, 1 August 2011 will be the first day of Ramadhan inshaa' Allah. Al-Ikhlas Trust will be holding the Ramadhan programme at Al-Ikhlas Centre (19/325 TiRakau Drive). Please check the newsletter for information and guidelines.

Our Ramadhan programme this year

We will basically run a daily function beginning with Isha prayer (around 7:50) followed by Taraweeh prayers inshaa' Allah. We also intend to run Tahajjud prayers towards the second half of Ramadhan.

Ramadhan Prayer Times

In addition to the prayer times table you can access on our website and the full page one attached as a link in our Ramadhan newsletter we made a convenient pocket size folded card with the prayer times in it. Feel free to pick one at the centre