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Al-Ikhlas Trust took an early and supportive interest as the Working Together Group (WTG) launched their Janaza Service. WTG members attended last year’s Al-Ikhlas Trust AGM and provided a demonstration of the Janaza van, while families in our community were among the first to benefit from this invaluable and important service.

The Janaza Service is comprehensive, thoughtful and highly dignified, covering all Islamic requirements including transporting the deceased; providing body-wash facilities that can be utilised at a private home, masjid or elsewhere; an appropriately trained person to perform the body-wash; supplying the shroud (kafan); Janaza prayer, and finally burial. All of this is done with the utmost respect for the deceased and their mourning relatives at such a difficult and emotional time, and is completely
free of charge (although there are costs involved in securing a cemetery plot,
as well as the digging and preparation of the grave).

Since the Service’s launch, Al-Ikhlas Trust has maintained a close relationship with the Janaza team, with one of our trustees volunteering logistical and organisational help where required and assisting in building up community awareness of the Service. 

Al-Ikhlas Trust has also offered its help in sourcing kafan (shrouds) from overseas, as one way of helping the Service run smoothly. These efforts have resulted in securing of 200 kafan packs this year for the Janaza Service’s use in Auckland (and other regions in time of need). 

WTG is currently working towards establishing a contribution scheme, where family and individual contributions would create a fund that would allow the contributor to effectively cover the cost of a burial plot and other requirements in the space of a few years.

Working alongside that, until the scheme is fully implemented, Al-Ikhlas Trust has created a Janaza Service bank account 12-3233-0458227-05 (ASB Bank). This allows people to make contributions towards the Janaza Service’s on-going costs and to support this worthy community endeavour.

We pray that Allah (swt) rewards those people from the WTG and the wider community who work so hard to implement this Service, and we look forward, as a Trust and as a community, to supporting it in many ways in the future.