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Al-Ikhlas Trust Accounts

As a community trust, Al-Ikhlas relies on donations in order to provide services and meet its stated objectives.

As of August 2009, Al-Ikhlas Trust has been granted donee status by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). This is a vital component in the Trust’s credibility in dealing with donations from the community. Donors can also claim tax credits using receipts issued by Al-Ikhlas Trust for donations made after August 2009. This also applies to donations made directly into the Trust’s bank accounts (any person requiring a receipt for such donations should simply contact the Trust and it will be issued promptly, insha’ Allah)

The Trust will also, from this point, be issuing receipts for donations that clearly indicate the kind of donation received, and include all the Trust’s necessary details (including GST number). This is a move to further enhance our commitment to financial best practice, and to bring even greater transparency to the flow and use of funds by the Trust.

For the convenience of donors, Al-Ikhlas has created specific suffixes within the Trust account designated for respective activities. This allows donors to direct their contributions to the area(s) they choose to support.

Bank : ASB Bank
Branch: Botany Downs
Account Name: Al-Ikhlas Trust 

  • Operating Account 12-3233-0458227-00
  • Al-Ikhlas Project Account 12-3233-0458227-01
        (also the 1000 1000 Club)  
  • Education (Madrassa Classes etc) Account 12-3233-0458227-02
  • Zakat Account 12-3233-0458227-03
    (for Zakatul Fitr, please use the reference ZFitr
          when you make your contribution)
  • Sadaqa & Community Welfare Account 12-3233-0458227-04

Automatic Payments

If you would like to donate by Automatic Payments, you can either do it directly through internet banking where you set-up the to which account the payments should go, otherwise, we will add the links to download the "Automatic Payments" forms from the major banks in New Zealand and you can print and fill the relevant form before giving it to your bank.

Automatic payment forms available are those from:

Al-Ikhlas Trust sincerely thanks all donors for their contributions, and we pray that Allah(SWT) rewards you richly for your positive intentions.

The 1000 1000 Club

Al-Ikhlas Trust launched a major fundraising initiative during Ramadhan 2008 - the “1000 1000 Club”. Now into its second year, this simple but effective concept is designed to allow interested parties to contribute equitably and feel part of the Al-Ikhlas Project.

Through this scheme, Al-Ikhlas Trust is seeking separate discrete donations of $1,000 New Zealand dollars. 1,000 of these donations will yield one million dollars - hence, the 1000 1000 club. 

Each donation of NZ$ 1,000 receives in return a tastefully designed memento from Al-Ikhlas Trust, each of which is individually numbered from 1 to 1000 in order to identify its validity in the 1000 1000 club.

The level of donation is capped at NZ$ 1,000, as this scheme is designed so as not to overly burden any individual in the community. Our aim in creating a single donation level to support this project is to promote equality in accordance with Islamic brotherhood. Rather than asking or expecting wealthy individuals to “bankroll” this project, we launched this scheme that allows members of the wider community to contribute on an equitable footing.

The NZ$ 1,000 donation level also applies internationally - making it very appealing for anyone contributing in stronger foreign currencies.

Funds raised through the 1000 1000 Club are specifically for the long-term building project, and will not be diverted elsewhere for regular Trust activities and operating costs. This is to ensure that donations of the 1000 1000 Club will be solely used for the specified reason.

The 1000 1000 Club has been promoted at Community Events and through the 

Al-Ikhlas Trust website. We have also produced an information brochure for potential donors, and have translated it into several languages other than English.

Alhamdulillah, there has already been a very positive response to this initiative, and we were pleased to have received a number of new contributions during the last twelve month period. We are optimistic there will be more in the year ahead, insha’ Allah.


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