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New Education Classes at Al-Ikhlas Centre

Al-Ikhlas is launching a new Islamic Studies programme (download course content).  We have designed this course to be an interesting and engaging experience for the students, and hopefully something from which they will gain lifelong learning and a greater appreciation of their deen.

Any parent wanting their child/children to be part of these classes must email to register/enrol before Sunday 16 January, and parents of enrolled students must attend a meeting at the Al-Ikhlas Centre on Monday January 17, 2011 at 7pm.

There will be two classes available for intermediate/secondary aged pupils - students in Year 7-9 on Mondays at 6pm each week, and students in Year 10-13 on Thursdays at 6 pm each week.  The classes will run on 10-12 week terms that mirror the regular school terms.

The fee for the classes is $20 per student per term (fees can be discussed for families with more than 3 enrolled students). This will cover all course materials etc.