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Our Profile

Established in 2008, Al-Ikhlas Trust is dedicated to helping local Muslims serve Allah(swa), as well as facilitating connection and understanding with the wider non-Muslim community.

We have chosen Al-Ikhlas for our Trust's name in the belief that it will reflect our approach and dealings in achieving our goals and objectives, insha'Allah. The word ikhlas, or sincerity, is the first key that opens the heart to receive the mercy of Allah(swa).

The acceptance of one’s deeds depends on one’s purity of intention, which in turn depends on the level of sincerity in one’s heart. Therefore, Al-Ikhlas refers to us purifying our motives and intentions so that our Trust’s actions are for no other reason than seeking the pleasure of Allah.

The Al-Ikhlas community reflects the wide cultural diversity of the Muslim population, with families from Malaysia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Middle East, North Africa, Fiji, China, Singapore and New Zealand.

The aim of Al-Ikhlas Trust is three-fold:

  1. To support the local Muslim community in its practice of deen al-Islam
  2. To provide a focal point and practical assistance for potential or recent Muslim reverts
  3. To deliver information and education for non-Muslim New Zealanders who are interested in Islam.

The Trust is administered with a dual structure - a Trust Board, containing the seven trustees of Al-Ikhlas Trust; and a Trust committee which takes care of the Trust’s day-to-day, week-to-week operations, activities and programmes. This structure allows Al-Ikhlas Trust to operate efficiently for the benefit of the Muslim community while maintaining the highest standards of transparency, accountability and Islamic ethics.

Al-Ikhlas Trust’s long-term strategy is to build the facilities needed to best serve the local Muslim community. These will include:

  1. A Masjid
  2. An Islamic Centre, including classrooms, a library, and other appropriate space for community education and activities
  3. A Community Outreach Office, to serve as the focal point and bridge between Al-Ikhlas Trust and the local community

Al-Ikhlas Trust believes that New Zealanders are generally accommodating and inquisitive people by nature, and that an effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing Islamic facility would play a big part in promoting deen al-Islam in this part of the world.

We look forward to facilitating greater understanding while supporting local Muslims with core community services.