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The general objectives of Al-Ikhlas Trust at the time of its inception were summarised as:

  • To advance understanding and practice of Islam and Islamic ideals in New Zealand in accordance with the Holy Qur’ān and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
  • To provide programmes and presentations, and facilitate appropriate meetings, in order to inform and educate Muslim and non-Muslim groups in New Zealand about Islamic beliefs, practices and cultures.
  • To provide da’wah material (printed, electronic, multi-media) for Muslims and non-Muslims alike in order to support the activities undertaken in advancing the Trust’s objectives.
  • To provide support, information, and guidance where appropriate for reverts and people interested in reverting to Islam; and support, information, and guidance for Muslims interested in assisting reverts or possible reverts.
  • To accept and receive donations, subsidies, grants, funds, endowments, gifts, legacies, bequests in money or in kind for the furtherment of the Trust’s objectives, which may include participation in commercial activities.

The above objectives remain the bedrock of the Trust's intentions and activities for the year ahead.

As with any organically emerging community, there will inevitably be changes in strategy and approach as needs arise, but Al-Ikhlas Trust remains unashamedly committed to the central focus that has formed during the last two years.

Al-Ikhlas Trust Objectives for 2010-2011

  1. Continue to develop and pursue avenues of funding for the long term goal of the purchase/construction of the Al-Ikhlas Project (a complex including a Masjid, Islamic Centre, Community Outreach Office, adequate parking).
  2. Maintain and develop positive working relations with like-minded Muslim organisations that can help Al-Ikhlas Trust in meeting any of its specific goals.

  3. Provide support for Muslim reverts, and cooperate with any organisation that actively works in this regard for the benefit of new Muslims and their integration into the wider Muslim community.

  4. Provide information, support and guidance for non-Muslim New Zealanders who are curious about Islam, and facilitate involvement with other local community groups and the local city council wherever applicable.

  5. Investigate the possibility and viability of leasing a suitable temporary facility as a focal point for our community, in order to organise our activities with consistency (while simultaneously fundraising for Objective #1)