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Trust Board

The Trust is administered with a dual structure - a Trust Board, containing the seven trustees of Al-Ikhlas Trust; and a Trust committee which takes care of the Trust’s day-to-day, week-to-week operations, activities and programmes.  This structure allows Al-Ikhlas Trust to operate efficiently for the benefit of the Muslim community while maintaining the highest standards of transparency, accountability and Islamic ethics.

The Trust Board acts as a check and balance mechanism for the Trust Committee, ensuring it is acting in accordance with the Trust’s aims, objectives and ethics.  The Board meets three times a year to review and advise on the Committee’s quarterly reports, and also convenes and runs the Trust’s AGM (mashura).

Our Trust Board Members for the previous term were

  1. Tha'ir Alsaudi
  2. Mohamed Kardaman
  3. Said Milton
  4. Taufil Omar
  5. Mazin Al-Salim
  6. Taahir Adams
  7. Mohamed Zaki Abdullah

Now the trust board is in the re-structuring phase and the new board members details will be updated on this page shortly